Ugh to Singledom

Being single has its perks, don't get me wrong.  However, it has begun to be completely miserable when going out with a group of friends that somehow managed to all be coupled off.  I mean, sure, there's the few stragglers of the group, but I (as one of the single people) can't help but feel stupid going out with 5 couples.  It's just not the same as it used to be.  Also, at dinner, why is it such a big deal if you sit at the head of the table?  I mean, attention is going to be drawn on you no matter what.  No one wants to make it more obvious, but it saves the whole 'pity invite' of sitting next to a friend's significant other. 

Sometimes I feel as though the couples look at me IN pity, thinking, 'I wonder why she can't get a bf.  It can't be that hard.'  Ugh.  It IS hard, though.  It is.

I hate being the token single one.  Thank god for my group of single girlfriends.  It didn't used to matter as much as it did now; I guess it comes with age.  Everyone is so caught up with engagements and marriage that they leave us single people out of the loop.  Oh well, I guess when my times comes, it comes.
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3 Responses May 21, 2007

At least you still have single friends to hang out with. My group of single friends has dwindled or moved off. At least couples can go out and have fun, though; once they start having kids, you can say goodbye to that.

being single does have it's advantages, big ones, but sometimes you don't like feeling like a 5th wheel. i can relate to that.

I can feel that happening to me soon. I'm starting to realise that all my friends and the people i know are starting to find the right one and that i have a long way to go before i find myself being together with a girl, it starting to worry me because i know i'm already behind but people say love is not a race but i can see my friends coupling up and me being one of the guys being left out in singledom, i hope things get better for those who are single and feel left out.