I Am Jealous Of Couples In A Long Term Relationship

I feel sick and bitter inside when i see couples that have loved each other for a long time. And i think the reason why i feel like that towards them is because i have never dated or had a girlfriend before, well i have had a few but they were extremely short term relationships. How does it work, i mean what does it take. I try to be a good person, i try to understand how a female works to the point that i study them like a scientist and take notes when i;m talking to one, but i seriously dont understand why its so complicated. How come girls dont see me as boyfriend material, is it because i dont look like a guy that would makes all the girls melt, is it because i have a funny accent, is it because i have interests that they hate, i dunno, and it tears me inside that its so hard to find the right one. maybe i feel bitter towards couples because i;m jealous, yes its because i'm jealous. I have been told that being jealous is a mean thing but i feel i have a right to be jealous because of my badluck with women. I tried matching site and all they want is for me to pay them money and they dont give me god matches to start of with. I don't know. I feel drained even thinking about this. maybe being single is not so bad, i can do what i wanna do, when i want, where i want. maybe i was born to be single, maybe i dont see myself getting married, or maybe i;m thinking about it way too much, or maybe its too early for me to think about relationships, maybe i'm one of those guys who find love later on in life, later than others, maybe i have to wait longer because I;m always frickin behind on everything. maybe its not the right time yet. oh well. i feel exhausted typing all of this.

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I agree with Thror09. Don't chase them, it don't work. Focus on your special talents and use them to become successful. Like he said "you are not alone".

man, don't try to chase them so hard. Be yourself, excel in things you love the most. They will just come. ( and i am talking to myslef too) I have my own bad luck with women and i also feel envious at couples too. But hey YOU ARE NOT ALONE. It will come when it is the right time. Enjoy your life as a single. I am trying too but sadly i am not getting any younger, i have more fears than you.. It is ok.

Man, stop right there because that is total B.S. I'm 28 and I can tell you they do NOT "just come." You have to put yourself out there, have to talk to strangers and have to extrovert yourself. Take it from a guy who HASN'T done most of those things, and has been relatively lonely most of his life.

To the O.P., don't get hung up on what you were "born to be." Life is a series of choices we make and our reactions to others. It's not a plan laid out by someone else.

yeah i dunno, maybe your right, maybe its too early i just don't know. i got some help from my older sister and she tolds me that i;m not ready and at that age the girls tend to be nasty to guys so she said when they grow up then they become better. maybe i'll wait till they mature and maybe thats when the right time comes, but even i have to do some growing up myself because i know i have alot of growing up left too.

Well, u are in between 18-21 just like me.<br />
DONT WORRY about it, seriously. Dont study them, maybe get help from an older guy, be yourself and stop worrying. I havent had any long-term relatinship either, last one I had it was a year ago and I screwed it up. Take it easy.

Yeah thanks for the tip, maybe when i get a chance to know a girl i shouldn't use them as practice dolls and treat them like real people because they are not bugs or scientific subjects, man i'm terrible when it comes to talking to women, Oh well next time i'll just be myself and take your advice.