Long brown hair in bouncing lose curls. She may have been in her early twenties. A white, almost see through, maxi dress, low cut with crossover back straps. Clearly showing no bra underneath. Her pert young óò bobbed up and down slightly with each slow step. Her hips were wide. They swayed from side to side with each step, and jiggled causing the long dress to dance as she walked.
In that first moment I think I was stunned, staring, mouth open. Then she smiled at me, and I got embarrassed. Nodded a polite hello and looked away.
Lustfull thoughts quickly turned to jealousy. How I would live to look like that. I nearly cried. Then I didn't want to look at her, coz it hurt inside.
Then I thought of my daughter. One day she might look that good. How could I possibly cope with that every day?
Oh shut up brain!
Heellover Heellover
36-40, M
Aug 18, 2014