I am full of love some people say have the biggest heart in the world. I love everybody in anybody I love you for reading this. I even have love in my heart for people who have bullied and beaten me. the 1 thing I've always wanted was the love of a woman now and I said that I don't mean sexually but but emotionally and physically. I'll give you an example my 2 best friends are married to each other they're always kissing each other hugging each other in holding hands. this is what I want but I can never have I'm 22 years of age I have never had a girlfriend before never even came close. this love in my heart is turning into Envy and is the years go by and only grow stronger. I purposely avoid hanging out with my friends so I don't have to see this it's not their fault and it's my own jealousy I'm aware of that but I think it's just best if I stay away. this is truly love and envy
TheRascallyOne TheRascallyOne
22-25, M
1 Response Sep 15, 2012

Your heart comes through even online. You just have to wait for someone special enough for you.

Thank you 😊