Jealous And Envious

I am extremely jealous of a girl I went to school with. Her life just seems so perfect and better than mine. She's a housewife with two kids and her husband makes loads of money. She just sits around, doesn't have to work and spends his money. And I know this girl she lied to get where she is today. It's not fair. I've been working my *** off and I can't seem to get a break like that!
AnnoyedStepMom AnnoyedStepMom
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3 Responses Aug 5, 2010

I, too, get jealous of those I know who married well and don't have to work BUT then I think of my friend who married well and, it turns out, her husband had multiple affairs, gave her STDs, then committed suicide and left her not only bankrupt but OWING money. So, you never know...

1. Quit whining<br />
2. You have no idea how rosy her life is......for all you know, it could be a miserable existence with brat kids, a cheating husband and an obscene amount of credit card debt so don't assume<br />
3. You didn't mention it in your story, however, it appears that you are envious that she has all day to do nothing but laze around and spend money - you shouldn't be. Everyone has things they are grateful for as I'm quite sure you do as well :)<br />
4. YOu will be fine at the end of the day as hard work always gets rewarded in one way or another<br />
<br />
Best of luck to you :)

I know what you mean. I have a friend with a father with money. She doesn't do anything at all in college and she gets everything off of her dad as if she were a kid. Everything she wants, daddy gets her. At least you know you've done everything with dignity. If she is to lose her husband, she'll would have nothing.