Jealous Of What I Might Not Be Able To Have....

I've always wanted kids. I'm actually in a poly relationship and we've been talking about babies and breeding. The thing that makes me jealous is that I'm terrified that my sister slave will be able to get pregnant and I won't be able to. I've already tried Clomid and it didn't work so now I'm going to try Metformin alone and than combined with Clomid but I'm so scared that I won't be able to get pregnant and that the jealousy that I have will ruin my relationship with my Master and sister slave.
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2 Responses Nov 30, 2012

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Keep me informed on your progress & luck to you.

Ya & hey if that don't work I have a billion little swimmers I'm not doing anything with, just cause your a sweetie.

Woe,that offer was for you, I'm not really comfortable sharing my spermies with dudes.

monitor your cycle and use ovulation testers to find out when your most fertile. Once you have determined when you most fertile have sex for several days before and after. It might take a little time but it should work. Also if your sister slave gets pregnant before you do don't worry to much about it, there has been studies done that show that if there one person is pregnant in a work place or any other type of setting then your likely hood of conceiving yourself increases. You've heard the term its in the water, its more like your body goes into overdrive when women around you start to get pregnant. It triggers your body need to procreate.