The Things You Cause...

Honestly, I swear they do it on purpose.
The worst thing is that it isn't the first time.

It's his fault for hooking me in with those smiles,
your voice your eyes, and that laugh.

But then you stopped and
have been taunting me.

You also turn up with clingy baggage.
Following you everywhere and you do the same with them.

Then as if luck isn't on my side I have you in all my classes.
Then sadly so are they.
And always seated near me with them.

They make my blood boil
and turn my temperature to 212 degrees.

Making me want to do things that only crazy psycho murders think of.
And what scares me is that I don't care

MysteryLost42 MysteryLost42
13-15, F
Jan 7, 2013