I don't know why I am so bothered by the fact that my husbands 30yr old brother and his girlfriend and their daughter are still living with the inlaws.They both have their degrees and work but they pay no bills, help around the house or buy food.My FIL has a very bad back and watches their daughter until MIL gets off work.when they get home from work MIL still takes care of their child.Brother inlaw has a serious addiction to an online game,Spends most of his money on it, and never watches his own child when off work, leaving my FIL to do all the house work plus watch His granddaughter. It's ridiculous. They are moochers. They are avoiding responsiblity. His gf has an addiction shopping for their daughter EVERY week. Toys galore, new clothes, she NEVER wears the same outfit twice. And then she has the nerve to brag about what she can buy for daughter. um no honey the only reason you can afford those nice things is because you are mooching off of our inlaws...GROW UP already.
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I must admit that im pissed off that his gf decided to move in with my inlaws, I feel like the only reason she did that in the first place was because she didnt want the inlaws getting too close to my daughter when she was a baby. Well it worked because they are so attached to their live in granddaughter, they spoil her rotten. I hate feeling so jealous. I wish they would spend more time with my kids. We live 10 mins away from each other but they hardly ever stop by to see our kids.