I'm Proud To Be A Jew.

For some people, this is a controversial statement for me to make. I come to my Jewish heritage through my Father's side of the family. According to traditional Jewish law, descent is from the maternal line.

Well, in good Jewish tradition, I would argue that if I can be a citizen of Israel through the law of return, if whole groups of people (IE, Nazis and Jihaddists) want to kill me because of my blood, then I would say I'm just as Jewish as many, and value it more than most.

I'm proud of the fact that I'm a member of a tough, flexible breed of people which has adapted to live all over the world as a result of our disapora, yet has not lost the core of what our identity is. And we've been doing it for thousands of years in spite of more than the typical amount of adversity.

I don't want to be and never have wanted to be an Israeli. For me, being an American and a Jew are inextricably linked, an alloy which is distinct from its parent metals.
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Why should you not be proud of your faith and heritage? I don't know that Jews, today or 2,000 years ago were ever thought of as a "race" of people. The Jews antiquity were a nation, not a race. Today Jews around the world; American, French, Spainish, Germany, Russian, Israelian are citizens of the nation in which they live. By faith and tradition they are all citizens of the Nation of Judaism.