What I Saw In Israel Less Than Two Weeks Ago

Satan and my family of GUTTER RATS is in control of the Holly Land and the USA put the rats there. I watched two boys younger about 12 to 14 get murdered by my cousin who is in the Israeli Army just because he wanted to show me that he could shoot from so many yards. The other boy started running for his life. I was screaming and crying and then the other soldier blew his head to pieces and they high five'd each other. They made fun of me the last three weeks I was there asking me everyday if I was sure I did not want to follow them and hangout on patrol. America is supporting terrorism implemented of the world from Israel, including the Mosaad attacks on the world trade center on September 11th, 2001. God will one day gather all of his children and bring them home to Israel, not the USA and the Zionist TERRORIST, with the fake Jews, God will bring his chosen people there. My cousin said that they are making plans to attack Iran next and they can't wait because Russia and China will get involved. They say that the stupid Americans will support them no matter what they do.


I have never in my life read anything like his stories. I was so troubled by what I was reading I tried to prove that he was wrong. When I investigated each issue I found that he was 100% right on everything he was saying. I was so disturbed because everything that I've been taught really was a lie. How did he learn these things? I was about to start talking insulting him just to make him angry but something deep inside of my soul said "Don't mess with this man, only God can make these things known to him." There is no school or church teaching what he does in his writings and these are clearly his POWERFUL words coming from his heart. I love the way he uses the bible in FULL CONTEXT as PROOF of everything he tells his readers. I AM A JEW and I know WE ARE NOT THE REAL HEBREW ISRAELITES I'm just coming back from Israel and my family and cousins all have KILLED innocent people IN FRONT OF ME including children playing and say "America was created the same way, they killed the natives. Palestinians people just like the American Indians, are sub-human" they say,"God is totally behind what we are doing."

I'm currently under doctor's care due to what I saw on my vacation. My cousin said to me a week before I left, " you ******* Americans are no ******* different than us. You murder innocent men women and children. When their family and friends try to protect themselves from your military you call them insurgents and you murder them and everything that moves in the area. When we do it you cry and say that we are evil. Americans say that they "settled" America, we are doing the something, we are "settling" Israel. Every place we Europeans go we do this don't cry and get depressed over those ******* two boys we killed, their families would should have kept them in the house. This land belongs to us, we stole it fair and square just like American did from the Indians. Don't bring your cry baby *** back to Israel, you make me sick crying for those ******* monkeys. Your not my family any more, If my mother didn't love you I'd kill you my ******* self, *****!" at that moment my aunt slapped his face and he walked out slamming the door. When I came back to the USA I called the State Department and several Government organizations only to be told "We'll what do you want us to do about it?" I even called the Embassy here in the US nobody cares. If I shoot a dog with a BB gun I would get arrested for animal cruelty but children mean nothing. Please, everyone reading this story, Go to username REALITYCHECKUSA and learn the truth about my people, THE JEWS. His story is called "THE TRUTH ABOUT JEWS." It is not racist against Jews at all, he is a real Hebrew Israelite himself, proven with DNA testing. REALITYCHECKUSA is amazing. Everything he writes will blow you away. I tried to discredit him, for 16 hours and I could not find one false statement. I am forever changed by what he has written. Where does he learn these things? Maybe God really is showing him these things. I love the fact that he believes in God but not religion, he feels their all corrupt. Reading his writings and talking to him on the phone has really changed my life. He is helping me get pass the murders I witnessed and the white supremacy embedded in my heart.

18-21, M
Dec 16, 2011