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From 2000 to 2009, 13,315 French Jews made aliyah, largely as a result of growing anti-semitism in the country. A peak was reached in 2005, with 2,951 olim. However, between 20-30% eventually returned to France.

With the start of the Second Intifada in Israel, anti-Semitic incidents became more frequent in France. In 2002, the Commission nationale consultative des droits de l'homme (Human Rights Commission) reported six times more anti-Semitic incidents than in 2001 (193 incidents in 2002). The commission's statistics showed that anti-Semitic acts constituted 62% of all racist acts in the country (compared to 45% in 2001 and 80% in 2000). The report documented 313 violent acts against people or property, including 38 injuries and the torture-murder of French Jew Ilan Halimi.

Since 2005, the number of acts dropped but is still at a significantly higher level than during the previous decade. Anti-Semitic incidents rose again during the Gaza War. After the election of Nicolas Sarkozy, French aliyah dropped due to the Jewish community's comfort with him. In 2010, only 1,286 French Jews made aliyah.

In 2012, following the election of François Hollande and the Jewish school shooting in Toulouse, as well as ongoing acts of anti-semitism and the European economic crisis, an increasing number of French Jews began buying property in Israel. In August 2012, it was reported that anti-semitic attacks had risen by 40% in the five months following the Toulouse shooting, and that many French Jews were seriously considering immigrating to Israel.

My brother moved to Israel in 2006.
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Jews will face many problems in the coming years in Europe this will be due to the fast growing Moslem population and the rise of nationalism . I am a nationalist but some of the dumber ones can not tell the difference between zionists and Jews . and will blame ordinary Jews for the wrongdoing of the zionists , I hope this does not happen and the innocent are made to pay for the crimes of the few.

yeh but depends how you read it

That is very Sad. Whatever people think of how Israel has been acting. Racism / Anti Semetism are just plain wrong.