Secular Judaism

I think that's what a lot of people would call me. My mother's side of the family is Jewish, and although we didn't keep a kosher home, we would attempt to create kosher meals on the It usually worked. Oh, and the Crisco 'lard' sticks are kosher, but not the butter-flavored ones...

I'm always looking for the K or the U on brand names. Trying, or really, pretending to be kosher has actually helped me maintain my weight.  A lot of brand name snacks don't have a stamp of approval. Sun chips have the stamp, a lot of Lays brands don't, it works out on many levels.

I still celebrate Christmas and Easter with my dad's side of the family, or really, just Christmas. These holidays are times when family can get together, and I feel it doesn't really matter who you praise, as long as you can be yourself with your family. Besides...we sing "Baby Beluga" once we run out of any Christmas songs to sing. I know, singing about Jesus is so not kosher...but I saw this Jewish Americans documentary on PBS, and it said German Jews celebrated Christmas for the heck of it since it became a popular thing to do in the 1930s and 40s. It's a family affair!

Shayndel Shayndel
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2 Responses Jul 22, 2008

My mother's side of the family is Jewish, but she did not raise us in the faith. We found out when my brother went to Vietnam and she gave him a star of David. I went to a Baptist church as a child, converted to Catholicism, but am proud of my Jewish heritage!

In my family, Christmas is definitely more about family than religion.