Its In the Blood

If your grandma brings bagels in her suitcase from Florida, you're probably Jewish.

If your mom slips in a few Yiddish words still, you're probably Jewish.

If your brothers nose is bigger than your dad's gigantic nose you could be all sorts of things, but you might be Jewish.

If someone says "baruch ata adonoi" and you reply with "elohaynu melech haolaam", chances are you're Jewish.

I am aware there is a faith involved in Judaism, but i'm just mentioning the aspects that are in your blood that you can't deny.

If your last name is goldblumesteinbergbaum, you're probably jewish.

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2 Responses May 18, 2007

And that was pretty funny! You forgot that if you have a terrible desire to play Mah Jongg and eat kuchen and drink coffee, you're probably Jewish as well.

I once in the Judaica section of Borders saw an entire 300 page book of those.