My life has taken a few different turns over the past few months and I think that prayer is the one thing that has come secondary and that really should not be. I think I was wrapped up in other situations and I probably could have used prayer the most during that time. I was talking to my friend last night and told him that if my father knew I was not praying three times a day I think he would be so very disappointed in me!

My life has taken another turn. I think that I myself have been shaken over the past few years and I am ready to get back on track. It took me awhile to know that I need someone who is strong to handle me as I am someone who is hurt easy, and can tend to tell people how I feel and not just bottle it inside that is something I need to work on not expressing how I feel. A man I have been seeing has talked several times about marriage and I have always laughed it off as a joke but last night I asked him would he really be interested in marriage? He to my utter amazement informed he was interested in this. I know he may be the best I get as he is someone who is a very strong man and I feel God has put everyone in my path to lead me too see that he is the one who is strong enough.

I still am not certain about it. I will spend a few days praying three times a day about it. Praying about security, praying about knowledge, inligtnemant. I know God will lead me to water but he can not make me drink I need to do that for myself.

I worry I am reading Gods plan wrong. He is not Jewish however he is from another country so I feel God would understand that.

has anyone married outside of the Jewish religion? How did you make that work?

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depends on the way you want to raise your kids and run your household. religion is a core belief and a lifestyle.