Well haven't lost hope completely, but getting there. I have tried a lot to do what I can to get a job. Nobody seems to want me. I am a business graduate looking for a P.R job. Is it really out of my reach? I feel like I'm letting down family and people who have their hopes on me. Feeling frustrated and depressed.
Lonelyndepressedgirl Lonelyndepressedgirl
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hello, ask your heavenly father to help you get just do whatever comes to you, and then it will grow, he hears and answers prayer

Why not start your own business? I you can find some funds out there to get you stated, so you can buy your office equipment and put a few months rent away...is it possibility?

Thanks for the suggestion. I have thought about it. But cannot take the risk as I have some financial responsibilities and to be honest, no funds.

Some people just out of school offer to intern for free, or for a part time low salary while they "learn the ropes." You might pitch this idea to companies you're interested in getting your foot in the door with. If they like you, they usually can find a job for you. Just a thought.