Compassion Folks, You Could...........

Greetings, you don't know me, but I could be one of your neighbors.
I am 57, English speaking white woman with a full education.
My Father fought in WWll & Korea, my brothers joined the service and served in 'Nam and both of my daughters serve in the military (USAF & USArmy) and both have seen front line battle.
But I can't get a job.
Three things disqualify on the employers part and they are:
I only speak English ( & a little sign) and they want me to speak Spanish for those who wont learn it
My credit is not the best, but not because of credit card abuse, but because I was bitten by poisonous snakes twice, food poisoning (from eating out of dumpsters behind restaurants) and necessary bills. Now the employer will say, Hey once you get back on your feet, you come reapply because we like, none of the jobs dealt with me handling cash or being near a cash resgister or safe.
Thirdly,  I had the temerity to AGE and they all seem to want nubile 26 year olds, who are going to get pregnant, or their kids sick from school, or school is closed or a Mom or Dad passes on.........i.e., they will miss work.

Now I don't have transportation, because my car passed on (burial was 6 months ago). I am not on a bus route and the places within walking distance (2 miles) are not nor have they been hiring since I found myself in this spot.

Friends/acquaintances/strangers, ask me if  I have tried..............Are put out because I am not working..........(because they are??) They tell, like I don't know, that I will probably have to apply for jobs I don't like; like I really wanted the one cleaning toilets or cleaning up vomit, feces and blood at an animal clinic 11p - 7a 13 miles from my house.
Are you getting this, even though I don't have a way to get to the job, I STILL APPLY!!!!!

So please show a little compassion the next time somebody you know is unemployed; I know you stay away for you fear ''catching it'', you know what I am saying, being jobless. Network for them, take some really good fast food without asking, they will thank you and if they can't eat it maybe their dog can...........stop by a pizza place and take it to them and VISIT with them, tell them you don't have a job for them but thought they could use company.........if it is hot / cold, invite them to sit with you in your car and dine with you, because they probably wont go to even a truck stop.

Just listen. It wont solve anything, that you can see, but it will  make their gloomy outlook less tarnished.

Hey, see you just  did it for me, you listened...........thank you faceless friend

cheysghost cheysghost
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Interesting,, ty for shareing,, i sense much pain and griefs, but i can understand the hardships you been throug hand still going through. Im curiouse as to where is "Love" in all this ? Myself, since i been here,i struggled sine i was 15 with a brain of a 25 year old. Its one of those survival things when a person doe not act his age and we has to be or become this way. Theres strength from all this also, you are very determined and i am very glad to see and hear.

I am unemployed due to a disease I have by hereditary! It sucks... I understand exactly what it is like!

Yes I hear where you are coming from,being unemployed is not something to be ashamed about,it is a matter of circumstance beyond your control.When I see people on the streets who are busking or asking for change I do stop and give.<br />
I also give to a few good causes and sponsor a child in the third world so you see I do understand.<br />
A word of caution however,you may put yourself in danger with your kindness,I would not invite a stranger into a car,bad move you just can not trust everyone is as good natured as yourself however I admire all you stand for on this issue,garvan.

I hear you. I decided to make a mid-life career change and get my master's in secondary ed. Too bad I finished my student teaching (which I had to quit my long time job to do) just as the bottom fell out. No teacher hiring, only layoffs. I'm underemployed with no benefits at 51. Wish we had what they do in the UK - I fall through all the cracks here. Just another statistic.

Never Surrender cheys<br />
<br />
They're not fit to lick your shoes<br />
<br />
Furk em<br />
<br />
Tiochaidf Ar La <br />
<br />
Come to UK , we look after poor people here (It's our evil socialist way)<br />
<br />
Good Luck.

Chey, I know what you are going through. 2 Masters degrees and over 30 years experience and when I lost my company due to the lack of work 2 years ago, nobody wants me. Too old. Too independent. Can't work for a company any more after working for myself for 6 years... But, hey, there is a place out there for us. Just need to shoot all the 30 something managers...

Thanks to both of you for responding. <br />
I would not know what to study in college. I 'stole' three years of college in my early years, psychology, criminal psych and texas history, I figured two out of three would help in marriage!!! Boy was I wrong!!<br />
You guys will make it and with flying colours!!!!!!!!!

Amen Sister, thanks for speaking for us! The one I love it "Just apply to McDonalds" by people who refuse to believe that McDonalds HR will simply hand the application right back to you and scream the "over-qualified" back at you! Back in the day when I was inbetween jobs, I could always count on my professional writing and secretarial skills to land me a temp job in a week. Now, while working with 6 agencies for over a year, not one can help me because of EMPLOYERS' unrealistic demands. That's right, a masters degree candidate isn't qualified to be a receptionist or administrative assistant in today's wintry economic climate. One large area employer faxed a mock resume to a headhunter and told them that they only wanted to see EXACT MATCHES -- to a resume that they made up! After two years, somewhere in the neighborhood of 275 applications, and no unemployment or income since March -- and no money left -- I'm sinking fast and trying not to drown.