What Can I Do...

Am almost 20 and have been jobless for a year now and it sucks i feel like I'm not trying hard enough:( it suck i don't know what to do anymore and with each passing day my hope for one little phone call is slowly starting to break. Everyone tells me not to lose home and that soon enough I'll get a job...its hard to believe that when everyone i know has a job and is able to move out from their parents house but i can't. Why is it so difficult. For me Its like all that tiny bit of luck i used to have disappeared and i have no way of finding it.:( i simply don't know what to do no matter how much i try...
LaRose92 LaRose92
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2 Responses May 24, 2012

I guess it's been a while since you posted this, and hopefully your luck has changed. But I do know how you feel - I've been there. After I graduated, I couldn't get a full-time job for months. I think it was nearly one year, but then I got a job that was perfect for me. That's how I'm sure that you'll find something that's good for you. In the meantime, don't lose confidence (that was a big one for me), and don't become a hermit (I was guilty of that).
Oh, and enjoy the time you have living with your parents! Moving out is completely overrated :)

I have to places i can walk to i don't own a car nor the money to be able to go to places not so close from me and yes i do know they sound like excuses:/