I Lost My Job But Found My Passion!

So I just got fired this morning from the telemarketing company I’ve been working for the last few weeks! I worked at a mediocre hourly rate while working my *** off. It was one of the hardest things ever to simply wake up to work because I lacked ANY motivation besides money (which was also not that good) to work.

I got fired because I was late, AGAIN, after not showing up for work the previous 2 days.

People cursed with inspiration probably relate with the feeling of having to do something you know deep down has literally has ZERO contribution in the long run to ANYTHING you value.

I would literally STRUGGLE to get up from bed, I could have slept for 8 hours, meditated before going to sleep, and simply have the best sleep ever, and I would STILL have problems waking up to work.. I kept wondering why this happens, and why I’m depressed and very unhappy when I wake up on work days, then I realized its my brain resisting going to work. Why? because I DIDN’T LIKE MY WHAT I DO.

Now at this point most people would think “Of course you’re not supposed to love your job! that’s why it’s called a JOB”, well, let me tell you, it’s good when your job is HARD and CHALLENGING, but only if you ACTUALLY love what you do!

When you take something that you would do for free (a passion of yours), and you put a price on it, that’s when the true magic happens.. because as humans, we are motivated to excrete the LEAST amount of effort to get what we want. But when you take something YOU’RE PASSIONATE ABOUT and earn money for it, you could be sure you would put as much effort as you possibly can and would feel extremely proud and happy after doing it (because it’s something you VALUE DOING).

This is because when you do something you are passionate about, you feel ALIVE when doing it, time just flies by, your brain is BEING ENGAGED, you enjoy constantly challenging yourself, you enjoy giving MORE then you originally intended to because you feel AMAZING while doing it and PROUD after doing it, basically you could say every person’s purpose is to find what they LOVE DOING and then their challenge is to find out how to earn money from it ...!

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CodeVeroby CodeVeroby
26-30, M
Jan 6, 2013