Joining Fb

Two days ago (October 16th), I have joined FB after saying I will never join again.  Hehe... Well, I joined and deactivated the same night.  When I first joined again, it seemed like I couldn't get in and it used to boot me to my e-mail each time and needed signing in to my e-mail account a few times.  Call this weird or superstitious but as soon as I joined, my pc jammed and my ear started to ring like crazy, lol.  I got twice the same messages on my pc that others are connected to my pc.  I guess, I may have hackers logged to my pc, who know's... and also I keep getting pop ups + downloads I don't even do.  My pc became very slow.  Oh well!
Whateverrrrr Whateverrrrr
36-40, F
Oct 18, 2011