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Im Again Going To Join French Legion...for Better Future ..

i have came from london to france only to be a french foreign legion without a visa sitting inside a big lory ....hiding from everyone took me 7 hrs to come paris from london....i was just having lots of fun in london ...............but later i realized tat there is no carrer in london for me caz im not a european citizen and i was a student in london ....and my college was so discusting ....which disturbed mi mental alot.....then i heard abt a french legioner ...after tat i took a decision tat i will try to be a legioner ...........and its very hard for people like me to live in money , no job and alone can u guess how does it feels like ..???

         when i came paris i was just walking alone with my bag .....i was totally new in paris and i dont have any fren or relatives in france..i was just walking near eiffel tower....then i feel hungry and i buy some food and juice...after tat i was thinking where to sleep tonite???and then i spend my whole night in the street just walkng from one corner to another corner ..then tomorrow morning i went to the french foreign legion........

          my first day in legion camp in paris was like this; orders in different language , and i gave psycotechnic test result i was the top scorer of the group....and they gave me a black boxer and a blue jacket to wear......then i had my launch tat was tasty.....the schedule of camp was like this in paris camp ....wake up at 5 am morning....clean ur bed and brush teeths fast ...and break fast at 6 am exactly then one hrs rest but u have to finish ur break fast before 5 to 10 min ...and after 1 hr rest you will be given some work to do till 12 afternoon then launch at 12 am...again one hrs rest..again they will divide some work to every one (cleaning toilets . stairs etc)then at 6 pm dinner....after dinner you will be given 10 - 30 seconds for shower and shaving you mustards and or for cleaning you body) then make ur bed and sleep ..................this is the daily schedule ...and they will do your medical check up (primary medical check up) and after a 5-6 days you will be send to the another camp called aubagne.........before tat you have to sign a insurance paper and some other paper...then nest morning after your break fast you will be send to another camp

        from paris it take five hrs to reach that aubagne camp .......the life is more harder in this aubagne camp caz more rules , more duty and less time ...first day they took my picture for a record and they took my bags and kept in store and they gave me a blue touser and black t-shirt and blue jacket....and iq test ; one of the iron gate ....caz more than half people will be out due to less iq (Intelligence quotient)..but due to the god blessing again i was the highest scorer in iq....then among 45 people only10-15 people left for physical test...for another iron gate .....
next day was last day for me ...caz it was physical test day...i tried to show my best in running but due to my little bit careless i was send out of camp...i know tat my running is poor.............but other things was good enough for a legioner like pull ups sit ups ...
        they gave me a letter to come after 3 months and some 80 euros ...........and friends today is my 2nd month now only 1 month left and i m ready for legioner caz i have improve my running i can run better than others....and now i have grown up my pull ups also now i can run 1 hr non - stop and i can do 15-18 pull ups easily and sit ups not necessary i will go on january 1st again...i will enter the same gate from wher i was thrown out ...................
if this time also im not selected then i will go back to my own country ......................

(!/) name
rubinkhadka rubinkhadka 18-21 6 Responses Nov 30, 2010

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im leaving soon as my passs port comes in

I am on the verge of booking a one way ticket to France. My only question Is does anyone know if they accept ppl with tattoos on there neck and I also have a sleeve which falls onto my hand.... The British army won't accept this. I also have three unspent convictions this also stops me for te British army. The legion is my next step if they will take me.

cool, motivation is what you need. <br />
Make also sure they do not trick you in your interviews.<br />
The training as you described was a pre-selection before you get shipped to the actual training location. <br />
<br />
Good luck doing it again.

hey what sort of iq question is asked can u plz tell about it?

Anyone joining around May 9th 2011? If so let me know and we could probably meet up in Paris or Marseille before knocking on their door?

I am very seriously of the mind to join....if they will accept me. I have no criminal record. I have one question. What is the running requirement? I am from the United States so when I fly there I want to make it count and not be sent away because of physical barriers.