Nothing To Lose

ok im 37 uk resident,4 beutifull children ,however hit a difficult time in my life
hoping this will be fruitfull challenging rewarding.which im sure will be,
only thing im nervous about is the laguage barrier and some fitness issues
mental stress i am used to  so come the 23rd june fingers crossed .
darrenarmstrong darrenarmstrong
36-40, M
4 Responses Feb 12, 2011

Don't join, the legion is **** and getting worse. I served 5 years half a century ago, and I know, believe me. The legion is scheisse, as they say in good educated german.

Do not even try<br />
You have kids.<br />
<br />
This means the LEGION will NOT accept you<br />
<br />
There are rules, no criminal records, no kids are a few of them

I am looking at going soon, but need to find out if i can go with my 2 felonies from 18 years ago . dischargin a firearm in city limits ( and an old beat uop junk car in a junkyard) and grand theft" , what do you think?

NO chances u will pass the interpol interviews. Discharging a firearm is already enough to never walk in uniform on French soil. If you doubt my answer, please inform at the Legion, they will answer you the same

Anyone joining around May 9th 2011? If so let me know and we could probably meet up in Paris or Marseille before knocking on their door?

Marseille is not a selection point, closed years ago. It is a place for retired officers. Strasbourg you need to find. there are 15 other points, always take the closest to your location, if you fail the test you get a ticket back to the station you arrived at.