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Joining The Ffl

I am looking to join the FFL, I was wondering if i have 2 felonies from the same event that happened 18 years ago, and havent been in any trouble since. Can I go to the FFL? The felony was for "grand theft" and "discharging a firearm in city limits" i am WANTED TO go in the next month. I havent been in any trouble since then, and it was a stupid thing i did as a young adult. Anyone with experience please let me know.

I am not joining to run from anything, its just that my whole family was military and I was unable to go when i was 18 because of those 2 felonies. I want to go and have  anew challenge on my life. I am in great shape, physically & mentally and want to be part of something bigger than what i am now. I am really hoping they will accept me. I just dont want to get a flight all the way there to be turned away.
martin333 martin333 31-35, M 3 Responses Mar 18, 2011

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so, did you join?

You'll be ok, as long as you are honest with them, it won't be a problem. As myyoung25 said "as long as you are not wanted for murder and no drug charges then you should be ok".<br />
I am leaving in September myself. Bon Chance!

Always go to their website. They updated it not too long ago. If I remeber correctly those felonies do not matter. Aslong as you are not wanted for murder and no drug charges then you should be ok. Still though go to their web site.