Hi im 28 years old and thiking of joining the legion. Im wanting to go down in the next couple of weeks.If anyone is out there and too wants to go down with me let me know and we can arrange something. ta
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Im an american planning on jheading to Paris on 11/5/11. Im 24 in great condition. I always wanted to be a soldier but in the USA if you yell at your spouse you are never allowed to be around weapons again. Thats what happen to me. No guns, no military (even though its not a felony) I found out about the Legion 2 months ago and my mind is made. I dont care for the money or citizenship. Just always wanted to be the that career feild. I just hope that this domestic violence charge dosent **** me....

i am wanting to join the legion, anyone fancy it message me on facebook, my name is stephen butcher from england, picture of me and my m8 on my profile picture

hi there just wondering if you actually went went?if you didnt message me im looking into it