redemption; i need to proof my self, 36 years old, no family, educated,well grown,family values, and a go getter.  Fail my marriage, Lose my business, used by people for their own self interest. at the end whats left. and empty jar, broken man, broken will.  I really want to try this at least  i was there, might have the warrior in me. need to get a new life re-born again.
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I'm 39 feel the same way a lot of failures not goin anywhere but to the legion I leave feb 16 2013.

if dip stick up ther did any research at all he would know that the legion is the ELITE of the elite. i think it would be a great dicision for you to make. bon chance

Respect. But dont be too hard on yourself Sir

dont do it the legion as an army are crap our ta guys would defeat these idiots in a few hours on the battle feild. you will learn nothing of any use for later life . ex legion paras

Sounds like a great adventure. I've heard that the FFL is tough, very tough. They go through some hard core stuff. How's your French language skills? There are some of guys who join that don't speak French, and it is really hard for them.