My Story And Questions

Hello there people my name is Paul I am 23years old and live in England

And why I planning on joining the legion ... Sad but true and don't laugh
I am planning on joining in about two years as I have to go to the gym to train as it will be a wasted trip going when your not 210% fit and I wanna go and take a two year French language course as we know what happens 1st they understand that you don't speak the language and after a few months if you don't pick up or understand something they say to you every day things become extremely hard for you and I'm sorry to say but when punishment is given they will not punish the slow fat guy but all of them and so then that's when people start to hate others as its not why the Hell is this I speak French I ran the fastest my stuff is clean so why am I being punished for slow fat kid here so as I don't want to be stabbed in the back you have to train 1st and train to pass the tests to get in the 1st place did you guys know that all legion deaths up till 1996 was all classed as suicide

And sadly can only find info about the paratroopers as only 1 out of 10 get in to the legion there will be some hard guys in there and only the top 10 can pick where you end up the last of us will have ours picked for us I am not interested sounds fun I know jumping out of planes but for me I'm not interested I like the idea of the infantry regiments or even the tank regiment for me

Why do I wanna join the legion I have since I was 13 years old when I walked in to the green grocers shop and saw a guy in this 40s with a tattoo I asked about the tattoo and he told me he was in the legion from that day on I have bought all the books watched all the documentry and films and even know some past memorabilia about the legion

So since I was 13 I always wanted to join but why after the age of 18 has my idea of joining the join been ever stronger this is why as sadly i was born with a small penis and its so sad to have females even females that I have dated and loved turn cold hearted and laugh at something that I was sadly born with so I don't wanna spend the rest of my life going to work at a dead on end pay taxes and all I see is guys that don't work and just sleep around and having 15 kids and all I get is laughed at so off the the legion I go to enjoy life see and do finds I can't do in a factory on a poor council estate in England

It's bad to date a girl for 6months just to be laughed at so **** them I'm going see the world join the legion and enjoy a good hard but rewarding job I love and want to do ... Why don't join the British army as if you can only join one il rather join the legion as they are the best in the world and why would I join the British only to get my legs blow off and then say dam I have always wanted to join the legion the toughest and best dressed love the music love the idea that we are from all over the world and at the end of the day we are all running away from something and at the end of the day if we do go to war we don't really care about the war we are there for the friends we have made

anyway does anyone have any info about the tank regiment ??

Thank you people
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How does one sign up for the French Foreign Legion?

You should learn English properly first before you start to learn French!

sadly I was born English and went to a very crap English school where if you leave with nothing a bit of paper saying Mr Paul ...... Went to ... school 2001-2005 .. I cant help it that my class had 32 people in it and non wanted to learn and the teacher just gave up .we had teachers that just stuck dvds on with had a teacher paint his own class room while we had people running over the table tops

And I don't think it really matters in the legion as they let in african goat herders who can't even read or write

Best of luck to you.
I know a few people who joined and they loved it.