I Want To Join But Am Not 100%

I have always wanted to be in the Military and applied for the British Army 3 times, only to finally medically refused....even though b eing physically and mentally fit...REALLY disappointing!!!

I have also always had an interest in the FFL, so am considering joining....but some of the rules are not too clear, can anybody tell me...will i be able to have contact with my family, will i be able to go home on leave...I am prepared to give them 5 years of my life just need to be clear before i do as i have a 2 year old daughter I dont want to leave behind..im not running away just want more from life and to feel like i have belonged to something and not wasted my life

can anyone advise
dmulholland dmulholland
2 Responses Mar 9, 2012

I am of a similar situation, I have a ten month old boy which I Dnt wanna leave for five years, although I suppose the is always the possibility of flying them to France on occasion... I also have a tattoo on my neck which am uncertain whether they will accept. I messaged them on that recruit page and tried calling them but I can't seem to get any info. If you find out will you let me know. Thanks.

im also wanting to join man. where are you from?