French Foreign Legion

i will be leaving for Aubange in 2 weeks ( june 7,2012 ) to join the french foreign legion....i have been speaking with a recruiting oficer over there......i was hoping there was someone who wanted to go with me.....i will post my number for anyone who is dead serious....please do not call me if you do no have a made up mind....but if your life has gone to **** here, and you are ready...then call me....what would you do if you had one chance to change your life? well, here it is.....My name is Ronan...and i live i florida...417-213-6343
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36-40, M
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just to follow up how was it did you push through,, how to get a contact of a recruiting officer,please help , I am base in the philippines

my name is paul leon harris. i served in u.s. army as a cannon crew member. have been to millitary prison in ft. sill ok for a number of reasons. its like you dont know what u got til its taken from you. im 100% down to go nothin gave me more satisfaction than serving a greater good. need that feelin back. so if your serious lets figure this out. get at me

Hi there im also looking for someone to go with