Joining The French Foreign Legion..

Having served 4yrs in the British Army and having been on tour I decided to leave and see if the grass is greener. It's far from. So now I'm rejoing the British Army but I may not get back in due to cut backs. So I have a back up plan, if all else fails, join the French Foreign Legion. If anyone has been in my situation or is going through it, please don't hesitate to share your story with me. My name is Mike and I live in Britain.
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*abouts. Geez auto correct

I'm going July 2013 there snouts.

When you going I'm from the Hampshire area

The problem that you will face is answering the question why did you leave the army you were already in? The FFL expect you to sign initially for 5 years, and its not easy to join, thousands of applicants fail every year and unfortunately for you UK & Irish recruits have a bad but deserved reputation for deserting so they will look at you very closely indeed