Ready For A Major Change

my name is paul leon harris i live in tennessee and i am ready to go to france to enlist in the legion asap but i have tats on neck. nothing offensive just a dragon from chinese zodiac on right side and my mothers maiden name of LE'Page on left. i do not want this to screw me and my plan to fight for a cause. i served in us army as a cannon crew member but was kicked out and put in military prison for 9 months in ft. sill oklahoma. need any and all advice. thanks
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Paulleon, I'm ready to go and want to go this coming year! It was weighing on my mind for a while an wondered when I would go but just didn't want to go alone. Anyone wanting to join up I definitely want to go with one or two or more guys.

Hey Paul. I was in The U.S. Army as well. i Was infantry for 4 years. finished my enlistment 6 months ago and im waiting for my Passport to come in. im leaving in a month I have tattoos on my arm but i think that the legion doesnt care about your tattoos. i had a friend that joined them with a tat on the back of his neck. you should be good to go man.

just go dont ask questions to anyone youll get sidetrakced and become disolusioned get there and see for yourself i have tattoos on my neck also and hands and im 38 years old like i care what people say on here or other forums until you go and knock on that door you got no idea if they gona let you in or not Go for it mate Im leaving in January 2013 in time for the winter lmao

Have you been yet?

check from les anciens on board. It is website where old legionaires hang out at. I highly doubt tatoos will prevent you from joining as long it is not of offensive nature or you can check legion's recruiting website for that as well.

any advice from anyone. dont want to take trip alone but am more than willing to either way.

waiting on passport! givin it about a year of getting ready its goin down in september! studying french and running my arse off. sorry it has taken so long to reply had to get my head in the game and also thank you to everyone for the advice. hit me up

got my passport! leavin soon