Anyone Joining?

I'm seriously considering joining the legion next year 2013. Pretty pissed off with life, went bankrupted a year a go, pretty much left with **** all and need something from life. Just turned 34 in October, pretty fit and strength pretty good for an old un!! I want to be really ******* good at something, uni or legion? Anyone joining next year??
Johnboy16v Johnboy16v
31-35, M
5 Responses Dec 6, 2012

yea bro i am round sep oct im from new zealand hope 2 c u there gud luck

i am 26 with 8 years previous mil experience which bored the **** out of me so im off to the legion in the summer too when i finish my prep training !! ill keep an eye out for you all !! an ep user post your response from the LE

Yes I'm 39 I'm leaving from Chicago on Feb 16 2013 going to Paris Fort De noget then hope fully to Aubagne then. Basic

Similar situation here, 32 years old, lost my job and want to step it up in life instead of down. Really enjoyed my job while it lasted and i don't want to go do something less exciting. I'm planning on joining in three to five months.
I'm working out like crazy, going to learn as much french as i can and try to get off the couch once in a while to get started on some self discipline so i don't get shocked by the imposed discipline at the legion.

I plan on join the FFL next year in the summer. I've been doing alot of research.
Anyway life is starting to get a little crappy for me too but I looking to turn it around but being involved in an elite brotherhood. Maybe we can keep in touch until we join. Do you stay in the States?