My Process In Joining The Military

I just started talking to a recruiter about joing the Military. I am pretty excited. There's one problem that I am having right now is that I don't have my High School Diploma sense I moved and tried to get into another school many credits have gotten lost and the last school I went to says I never attended and they don't want to enroll me untill they can find them. Hopefully I will be getting into school next month. I was going to take one of those online High School Diploma things and then I started looking more at the site. So I contacted the recruiter and asked if he could look at the site for me and see if the Military will except the diploma. I could be spending $300 for nothing if they don't except it. He told me that they don't except GEDs or charter schools. So I am hoping that everything goes good and get this diploma as soon as possible.

I want to become an Occupational Therapy Specialist. I was really excited when I found out that the Marines MOS offers it. I have done lots of research on what I would like to do. I have also been working on P.T.. I was in the Young Marines before so I have an idea on what to expect. I know that female go to Parris Island in SC. Where my friend is stationed at. I haven't seen him sense about Middle school. I heard great news from him last night that he is only 10 mins away from the school. So he can see me graduate:)

SemperFidelis89 SemperFidelis89
18-21, F
Jul 12, 2010