My Choice, My Future.

I never thought about joining the military,
I mean why should I?
I'm fat, lazy and not at all army material.
But one day I got a call from an army recruiter.
Up until that point, I never thought about becoming a soldier
But once I got thinking
I realized that I really love this country.
I may not have been born here,
But I was raised here.
And i consider the USA as my home.
So today at school, we had a college fair.
I didn't need to go cause I've already been accepted to some very exclusive colleges,
But I had gone anyway.
And as i browsed through the different colleges,
A table caught my eye.
It's a table for the Army.
Seeing those two recruiters in their uniform standing tall and proud,
Made me think about the army once again.
And as I got to thinking more about it,
I realized that I want to join the army.
And so I walked up to the table and asked the recruiters as many questions as I could about the army.
I paid attention to every detail and I made up my mind.
I am joining the army.
I felt so happy and content that I finally knew what I wanted to do after high school,
But then I remembered,
What about my admission to Columbia?
How would my parents feel about me throwing away a perfectly great college opportunity by joining the military.
I really hope they understand why I want to join the military.
I don't want to leave my home knowing that my parents are so opposed to me doing what I want to do.
*Sigh* I just hope I know how to break it to them gently.
donnabella2k7 donnabella2k7
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1 Response Sep 20, 2012

You could always go to Columbia and if they have an ROTC program you can do that and then be a part of the army after that! Hope I helped!