I often feel that they judge me just 'cause of how I look. I mean, honestly, who looks at a 250 lb woman and thinks, 'Man, I SO want to get to know HER!' LOL...

Not that I really mind, I suppose. It just makes it easier to weed out the potential meanieheads before its too late and I've already been hurt. Heh. 

iFortiTude iFortiTude
4 Responses Mar 4, 2009

Nah they judge u bec of ur attitude .. What u do, think and say about others reflects how u "think" people think about u.. Paranoia is the term.. Ur paranoid bec thats what u do to others and bec of that u think others do that to u.. Pitiful

Please don't analyze me. That is not what I'm here for.

I agree with bubble. True beauty comes from within.

Anyone who judges some because they look different aren’t really they type of person who deserves to have any friends so don’t you worry about them type of people, there most likely trying to make you feel bad because that's the only way they can make themselves feel good