Country Gal

I was born and raised on a farm. I remember when all I wanted to do when I grew up was be a farmer. I always liked to ride in the combine when my dad would "kill the corn". By the age of 6 I could tell the difference between corn and milow. We lived outside of a town so small the population was less than 40 and the the phone number had to borrow the "big town's" first three digits. The town 5 miles away was small and that was concidered the opposite of a farm back when. The closest thing we have to a mall around here is Wal-Mart, my favorite store. My friend's dad owns the shop in town. And 5 different towns all go to the same small school that has Preschool through Highschool all in the same building. Lucky for me I realized that I'm a classy country gal... or I'd just be another hick picked straight from the grape-vine... =]
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1 Response Aug 1, 2007

Did I say beans?! Dangit! I meant to say corn.... Now I feel a bit dumb... I'm gonna fix that... =]