I'm Highly Skilled Yet No One Will Hire Me!

I'm such a failure! I've spent my life (it seems) running around in a big circle. I've spent a lifetime working my pants off and I really only have my experiences to show for it. Everything I've gained from all this suffering is inside my head. No matter how much I learn it's just never enough.

When I get a rare job interview, I try to show that I'm a competent valuable person that would be an asset to their company. They say that I have a good chance. I follow all the interviewing/job hunting rules. Still I never hear from them again!

I don't know which new programs I should learn next. I already know more than 20 and it hasn't helped me so far. No matter what ads I read, there's something I'm not good at and a skill I have yet to attain. I apply anyway since I must... Really, must I know how to do everything!!! If that is what is expected of me, then I'm going to need some funding. I'm willing to learn how to do everything; but, I can't afford all those classes.

I wish I could go to a magic genie and tell him/her all my skills, the genie would spit out job openings that I would actually be hired, all I would have to do is apply(I'm great at applying). Yeah, I know for merely $700 I could hire myself a professional career counselor to help me do just that. That is if I could afford this person.

I'm just so tired...I wish I could get paid to sleep. I'd make millions. I'd be willing to do some obscure non-conventional job, just as long as if was w/in 25 miles from where I live. I've considered personal assassin. I could do that. Great way to get out my aggressions. Haven't seen an ad for that though, or I'd apply.

My neck & shoulders are stiff...here I am complaining...instead of looking at the million websites out there w/a million jobs that I'm NOT QUALIFIED FOR SINCE I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DO EVERYTHING!!!

Update: This is the very first story I wrote and how I found EP. I have since found work and am grateful that I don't have to be reminded daily how much I don't know.
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I am trying so hard to stay happy and not fall down in the rabbit hole of being sad. People who have jobs have no clue how hard it is to find a job. I am a pretty women, smart, positive, have a lot to give to a lot of companies. I do what all of job educators tell me to do. Everyone that knows me does not even get it. Yet I apply for something that is so simply I could do it with my hands tied behind my back and they will not even look at me. For three years I have been trying to find a job. I have so much to offer to the world if someone would just give me a chance. I have found so many things that I know I could do that I never thought I could do before. I have gone to so many College classes its not even funny. People think they know why we don't have jobs. It is so easy to judge people who don't have jobs. Its not us its the economy. It does not matter how many classes that I have taken and know so many others as well the economy is still not that great. I had to come home and take care of my children it should not be that hard to get into the swing of things of finding a job. Yet thats not how the economy thinks trust me. I could go on for every of why they won't look at us. When your sitting on this side of the road which trust me one day you will if you have not already and depending if you are in this trend we are in you will be looking at life a whole lot different. Don't you dare judge me until you can walk a mile in my shoes. For three years I have been looking and for three years I have not given up like so many have out their that I know of. Lets keep our chin up and never look to the ground because the ground has nothing to offer but dirt.

I applaud your determination. After 3 years of applying (to even blind ads), I was tired & exhausted, I did give up. Obviously employers weren't interested in my skills.

Thanks Beyond Illusions.

its the economy. we are suffering as a nation with very little hope in sight. employers have become PICKY and RELENTLESS. If you are an employer and reading this I hope you realize that discrimination and lies will come back to haunt you. it's called KARMA.

Karma is a nice way to think others will pay, it doesn't really needachange32. If it works for you, good. I don't believe in Karma. Bad things happen to good people, good things happen to bad. Its just the way it is. • Employers are ALWAYS PICKY in a slow economy when there are plenty from which to chose. Its a simple case of supply & demand. I've learned the hard way that its better to take economic or financial risks (like changing jobs) when the economy is FAST & employers have trouble finding workers to fill positions and better to stay put when the economy is slow (like now) when there's plenty of workers to fill one position.

what do you do? I was in radio for 24 and a half years. Was everything form a board operator to disc jockey to production, show producer, host and co-host, writer, news reporter, news anchor, traffic reporter, traffic anchor, sports reporter, sports anchor, and public relations. The last 7 to 10 years, I was afraid of losing my job as the companies I worked for would be sold, merged, and lay off entire departments to better their bottom line. While I hated this aspect, I understand the business decisions to be more profitable. Regardless if the CEO/COO's make $1 million or $100 million a year, I undersatand (just don't make we the taxpayers bail them out when the companies fail!!). I told my wife of 10 years at the time I wanted to find something stable because I've see WAY too many people who are/were FAR more talented than I get laid-off or fired. I finally got the courage and left (at age 42!!) to work with a local government entity taking 9-1-1 calls and dispatching ambluances, fire trucks, and helicopters. Talk about going from the frying pan into the fire!! I went in entry level and worked my way up to a corporal's position. The botttom line is oyu sometimes have to pursue another uncertain and uncomfortable path. It isn't easy and there's no guarantee of success. I remember some of the local broadcasting schools would march graduating students through our stations. We all knew there wee no jobs at all for them. The best they could hope for was a foot in the door to intern.

That's a great reply johncthomas. I have been working out of my field for most of my life. I have a degree in one thing yet most of my experience is in an entirely different field. My struggle (when I wrote this story) was to find any job I was able to do. Its frustrating searching and searching, month after month, finding lots of ads for positions that I could work if I were more skilled @ whatever else I need to know. I learn daily new things. Seems though how much I learn its never enough, I still need to know more. I'm glad for you that you were able to transfer your skills to another unrelated field that provided much more stability than broadcasting.

what's the latest?

What do you mean?

how's the job search goin'?

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It really is tough out there. After reading all these comments I don't know what to say. Almost on a weekly basis there is some anxiety over whether the place I work at will be closed in a few months. All it would take is the loss of one client and that would see our earning potential drop drastically, it wouldn't be worth keeping the place open. That is when the realisation of the fragility of my position becomes all too apparent to me and I begin to panic slightly. <br />
<br />
I just hope that I have enough time to prepare myself for a better future if that time does come.

I completely understand Scorpio1987. @ one of my previous jobs every time I went to work I felt like I may lose my job today. I did my best, yet it never seemed like that was enough. Don't worry like I did, just prepare yourself in case it happens &amp; hope for the best. Thanks for reading my story &amp; all my comments too :~)

Thank you and you're welcome. Worrying achieves very little so I do my best not to. Here's hoping for a brighter future. :-)....

I was so stressed at my last job, I resigned rather than go through the indignation of being reduced to a data entry monkey. Colleagues assured me that I would be snapped up in no time due to my extensive experience in my industry and I agreed. The first month was like a vacation; however, I'm entering month three and can't get an offer although I've been on numerous interviews. Yes, I'm an idiot and am probably getting what I deserve. This isn't fun anymore and the depression is creeping in. I don't want to be one of those who live a lowly existence on government cheeese or are forced to take a sub-standard job just to survive. Suicide is not out of the question at this point.

Yeah, that's the disadvantage of wanting respect and dignity SIKNTIREDOFW8NG. Sometimes its better to just take the demotion &amp; then look for another job. When you interview say, its not what I had expected. Then explain why you need a new challenge. Hey, you live and learn. You could work @ a nothing part time job while you search. An employed person has a higher chance of being hired than an unemployed person. Its like the mentality behind getting a loan @ the bank, a person who really doesn't need the money has a better chance than someone who does. I think its about risk. Who's the least risk. Sorry you're struggling.

It is nice to see that I'm not the only one struggling to get a job. It's ****** out there. I was wrongfully terminated from my job where I was a retailer manager for 18 yrs. I have a ton of experience,and my resume kicks ***!! Should be easy to get a job i thought. Nope!! I've interviewed prolly 8 times since march,and nothing. I've had interviews where they said I was great and will contact you in a few days and nothing happened. What the ****!! Really makes you question yourself,that there is something wrong with you.. i guess you gotta just stay positive and something will come,and keep applying for jobs. I average about 10-12 new jobs a week that i apply to.

Isn't that irritating? I've gotten that too. The positive nonverbal behavior, the promising they'll contact you making it seem that I gave a good interview, having tons of experience or the skills required for the position (I don't apply unless I do) and then nothing. As if I was never there. So I understand. It seems unfortunately an up hill struggle for most of us. Sorry you understand how it feels fishmaniac.

I hope that this is of value. <br />
<br />
The world is ever changing and it is going to change even faster in the future. I also believe that everything happens for a very good reason. We can get caught in a spiral of self doubt and chasing after what once was.<br />
<br />
Most of us do a job and are in a career that developed because of circumstance. It paid the bills but is not our passion. While you are looking for a job that suits your experience and qualifications. Use your time to get involved with your passion. Instead of being depressed about the interview that resulted in naught. Get exited about your passion. <br />
<br />
You just may find that your pasion is your new career. Believe it or not. The job you lost may be the key to a happier future.

Oh sure, that seems ideal.

Sales is the hardest way to make a living. You can work an entire week & make less than a minimum wage job, I know I've done it. Some people who work in sales who have the knack can be very prosperous; yet, that field isn't right for everyone. <br />
<br />
Yes, I've noticed that InAvoid, it seems to be true everywhere not just in LA CA, you need to KNOW someone w/influence to get a job. I've tried that route too. Apply for work in companies where I know someone who is already employed, its not a guarantee to get an interview, unfortunately.

I have been told that people don't like my face. That I am too nice but proud. The reality? I went to UCLA and have been trying to find my way for almost three years, unfortunately after networking, rarely interviewing, and applying to every position close to my skill set, I get silence. The only job I came close to getting was a minimum temp job during the holidays. I have been out in the field looking for new ways to get noticed but with grey hair and mid-thirties in L.A. where no one hires you unless you know someone; good luck. I am feeling depressed and hopeless and after 5 years of college and two start-ups, I am constantly reminded that no one can help me and if I was to be divorced, homelessness would soon follow. I have been my wife's lap dog since graduating but it is the best I can do to survive. Opportunities are rare so be ready to sell out. Sink or swim and good luck to you, you will need it!<br />
<br />
P.S. A flaky business associate has tempted me with you guessed it, commission only for lead generation. Not bad right? Well, what do you think of 15% of 1.5% of the sale. MF, I am about to throw up!!

All of this advice doesn't get us a job. It's nice to no you're not alone... but friends don't pay my bills, or feed my son. I will be homeless in August. That's not a guess it's a fact.<br />
I wont make it that far.

I understand. I'm on the edge of homelessness myself. I work a lot, it just barely gets me by. That's why I need to voice my frustration. Some people think there's no problem w/the system the way it is because its not happening to them, those are the lucky people who studied &amp; then got a good paying job &amp; only had to continue working to stay comfortable or prosper. Not all of us are that lucky.

I hear ya charlotte83709. I feel like I have to get a doctorate to just get a living wage job. That's crazy. I think the education system is so mixed up in the US. They should redesign it to serve the types of positions that are available so making the effort to go back to school would be worth it.

Yes whitefox67 I've visited the local unemployment office. I posted my resume on their search site & nothing. I found the resources there to be insufficient. It seems they are only there to serve the immigrant population or those who don't have any skills or education. I guess its assumed if you have that you should be able to find a job on your own or easily be chosen out of the population. Which just isn't the case.<br />
<br />
I've never heard of snagajob.com, I'll look into it. Since I wrote this story (my first on EP), I have been able to find a part time job. And since I was in a auto accident my type of job choices are limited. I'm always looking for work that can I still do with my bad back. The pain I endure on a daily basis is severe & the job I find must be something that doesn't aggravate it & where I can endure it while still being productive. Thank you for your suggestion.

I heard about snagajob.com through a friend who works for the county.

Have you tried snagajob.com or your local unemployment office website? County, state or federal websites? I have been there, do struggle, and had to take a position that I didn't like in a company that I never saw myself working for just to survive. I've been with the company for a year now. It's been hard, but I finally have full time, and a promotion. Keep your chin up!

You're right rocktheduece, I don't like what you said. I'm allowed to vent my frustration with life. It seems to me you've always been dealt an easy hand & have no idea what it is like struggle & suffer. Lucky you.

You have no idea the **** I've been through. I've persevered. How can you say I don't know what it's like to struggle and be dealt a bad hand? Wallow in your sorrow if you want. It will only drown you.

You're not a failure unless you've given up. You won't like what I say but you need to stop downing yourself and knock on some doors and talk to people. Sitting behind a computer and going to job fairs is a waste of your time. I thought you said you didn't like people who whine?

I absolutely agree myriadhearts. What's the difference how old I am? I know the employer seems to think the young never get sick or use their health care coverages, oh gee, how generous are they. Lots of employers don't even offer health care coverages anymore anyhow because its too expensive. Or they play games like only hire part-time workers. Don't dare get anywhere near 40 hours or they'll be required to do what they should already be doing anyhow. I think its cheap of them to expect me to work 36 hours a week every week a year (oh yeah, no vacation time either for part timers), be lucky if I get a lunch break (no more than 30 minutes, they can't stand to lose productivity), treat me like a machine and then I should be grateful they graced me with their presence by granting me a job interview at their so spectacular company. <br />
<br />
That's exactly true, an entry level position requires experience. That's crazy! So they only way to get experience to fit the bill of actually getting paid is to ... yes you guessed it ... work 2 years for free. Like anyone can afford that. Then they wonder why so many children never move out of their parent's homes, like they can afford it. How is anyone ever able to become 'productive' citizens when the companies hold on to their cash so tight?<br />
<br />
If I were wealthy I'd start my own company & screw them. I'd show them how the US used to appreciate their workforce & how those who were appreciated and comfortable gave their employers their lives

BTW, If you listened to what I am saying, I'm not trying to down you, I am trying to help you by giving you some good thoughts instead of the negativity that permeates this thread.

Who knew that things would end up like this? <br />
<br />
I have followed my heart in making decisions for my future. I chose to study what I am interested in and if I get a job related to my studies I will probably not quit until I am old and wrinkly. I used to tire of hearing others say they were doing accounting and other subjects just to be part of the crowd. Even though I could, I did not want to live the rest of my life bored with my work.<br />
<br />
All this but now that I have finished my degree and am looking to get some work experience before my postgrad begins, I'm finding jobhunting very annoying.<br />
I find many that I am interested in but lack experience in. Even if it is an Entry level job it will have minimum requirements of 2 years experience. HOW THE HELL DOES ANYONE GET A JOB IF NOONE HAS BEEN GIVEN A CHANCE TO START IN THE FIRST PLACE!?<br />
<br />
so what? the older generation who have the experience above the younglings will get the jobs. From my parents I heard that good houses cost around $200-300 thousand back in their day and now what do the younger generation have to put up with?<br />
<br />
Everything is moving forward and thus the same is happening with costs. One person was capable of earning enough to buy their own home but now noone can without relying on a home loan or a spouse...plus a home loan. I don't want to suffer the repayments! It's two times the price of one house...it's robbing us of our hard-earned money when we would have been able to do without a loan if we were born in a different era!<br />
<br />
So life is harder for us, fine I accept the challenge. I have my Bachelor's degree and I will be completing a postgrad on campus whilst doing another two online (one after the other). If I don't slack I should have all those qualifications before the end of 2012. Then I will lash out once again and jobhunt til death.<br />
<br />
I can do it, I just wish the world would treat us a little kinder and I feel for the for some of the mature aged individuals who are being rejected by companies just because of their age. The young and the old are just as capable as any other. We should be given the chance to prove what we can do!

I apparently am part of the the majority Packe026. That's the reason I got my education too, I thought it would better my life, it hasn't. All it did was spend money. True I communicate better than I did right out of high school, though I think I could've learned that from working. If I knew when I was younger what I know now, I would have done things differently.

Join the rest of the world i have a four yesr degree from a good University I have 17 years of job experience at only 31 and I am sitting at home trying to figure out whether my two kids get to eat next week, now I have been poor before when i was younger we had next to nothing but what ****** me off now is that i spent all this time and money on schoool because I thought it would get me somewhere and it turns out i was better off working for ****** companies like MGM and Burgerking as I keep being told i am not qualified (HOW CAN YOU BE QUALIFIED) if noone will hire you

I do freelance work JimJam10 which is kind of like self employment. I have considered starting my own company, yet I really need something I just love and feel like I could make a living doing. Not all new businesses are profitable and really you can't start a business and plan to make any real money for the first 5 years. All profit should be reinvested into the business. Yes, I've really researched it. So when the right thing comes along I will definitely know how to proceed. <br />
<br />
I see liquidgold, you have all the skills required for your profession, you just don't have the ability to work the long hours required. I studied graphic design. I'm not familiar with the abbreviations pa to md. Production assistant? Managing Director? I think work in general can be frustrating. Either its the hours, coworkers, bosses, commute, pay. location, parking or transportation costs ... there's always something.

Snap!!. Have you thought of going self employed ?? with what you know already!

This is the first story I wrote when I joined EP. I moved it in July 2009 to this group. Some parts of it are just as true today as it was then. I still don't know how to do everything. The programs I knew are now considered useless in the pace of our speeding world. I can never keep up with all the upgrades. <br />
<br />
I have 12 different versions of my resume and with those I change things here and there depending on the position for which I'm applying. I use keywords so computer scanners will pick up my resume vs someone elses. I know all about those tricks. You're right, an interview is acting. I practice my sc<x>ript before I arrive, wear the most expensive clothes, accessories & shoes I can afford, make sure my body language isn't giving off the wrong signals, ask questions, but not too many so I seem inquisitive but not needy as well as follow-up after the appointment to remind them I'm respectful and worth their time and money. <br />
<br />
You said you see it from a different angle. What do you mean? Are you a recruiter?

No. My frustration is I was quite a good graphic designer. I have also worked as a pa to md in publishing co. I am single parent. I work part time hours now. Frustrating because as I am diverse and skilled and can multi task, I am everything! As I can't extend hours, they cannot give me managerial roles cos I'm not able to be there to oversee to the end and other people that Have been taken on with a prestigious title and high salary and subsequently do no live up to expectations and are 'let go', guess who they need to do their work. Whinge, whinge!! LOL I will say, I appreciate that I do have a job and I love my son v. Much. Just frustrating circumstances of life. Thats what I meant.

I understand frustrations in the working world ( though I am coming at it from a different angle).<br />
<br />
As far as 'getting a foot in the door' and interviews are concerned, I think it's a matter of 'playing the game' - even if that is galling and going against your true nature.<br />
<br />
cv wise - I have two different types. One where I 'play' to my strengths, highlight the more skilled orientated roles I have had and this cv is creatively constructed and aimed at 'standing out from the crowd'. The other is bog standard - down playing my roles and plain layout. Ordinary. I have used whichever best suits.<br />
<br />
Interviews I always thought of as 'acting'. Being yourself but putting on a show - being the 'character' they want . This is a fine line because you have to remain true to yourself - this will become evident once you have the job - but it's a case of being what they're looking for on the day.<br />
<br />
Arhhh - the nuances and frustrations of life, eh!<br />
<br />
Can see this is an old posting. Hope things more positive on this front.

Its a good thing you didn't work there. Think about it, if they had hired you they'd be expecting you to read their minds all day long. You'd be working your *** off and they'd still not be satisfied. I really dislike when people aren't specifically clear about what they want. <br />
<br />
Job Interviewing is tough. Mostly I feel like I don't measure up to my peers. I'm not the best or the brightest, so to pretend that I am is awkward at best. If I do poorly at an interview I chalk it up to a learning experience. What I will be aware of for the future. Its hard to since you've put in all that effort and then things don't work out well.

I too wish I could get paid to sleep. As it seems to be the only thing I'm doing lately. After been through depression and thinking I'm coming out the other side... All this rejection really doesn't help. All I can think is that there's gotta be something wrong with me because no one will hire me. It makes me cry at times and it makes me so angry. It keeps you inside your head. It keeps you beating yourself up. It’s horrible.<br />
I go to interviews when I actually get one. I put on my happy face, act like nothings wrong in the world. Then they tell you, you haven’t made wraps’ before so were not gonna hire you. I have the till experience, customer service, sales experience. A flippon daughter, whom I make, lunches for. But sorry you haven’t made wraps’ before, so were not gonna hire you. Dickheads. <br />
One job interview two ladies sat there said they were very impressed with my resume-they had spoken to my referee's whom had said great stuff. Few questions later they asked me what a typical day in a previous role would in tale. So I took the last job and started to explain my day describing what I did for that job and devices that I used along the way in the job. They said no that's not what they were asking. Rephrased and asked how my day would begin. So I said that I would have a coffee with the bosses on the morning arrive at my desk start my computer ***** what my plan of action was for the day. The ladies started to get frustrated with me and said that I didn't seem to be understanding there simple question. So again I tried to answer and stated that my day would be fill of assisting customers in the best way I possibly could making sure that I did my job to its best and leaving the customer wanting to came back. Representing the company in the best way that I could. The interview was pretty much over at this stage as they looked at each other and said to me that I seemed to have a communication problem as I didn't understand there question. Can any one tell me what the real answer was...?<br />
Sorry everyone venting...<br />
From Frustrated.......

Isn't it ironic, those politicians are always preaching about all those jobs that have been created. I always ask (the TV), what kinds of jobs? Those are it. Minimum wage jobs, that's what. I think anyone that votes for this to be acceptable should live at least 6 months on a minimum wage job income and see what kind of life they have. No using their savings is NOT allowed. Maybe they'd finally see what its like to live on the other side of the fence. <br />
<br />
You were robbed at a fast food job? Did you work drive-thru? I've always been leery of convenience store/gas station type work. To me those are robbery magnets.

I have a lot of work experience and want to finish my degree however Im unemployed I have no money. No one will hire me except fast food I was robbed at gun point at my last fast food job and Im terrified to go back to a job like that.

I have a lot of work experience and want to finish my degree however Im unemployed I have no money. No one will hire me except fast food I was robbed at gun point at my last fast food job and Im terrified to go back to a job like that.

I share your values when it comes to not purchasing anything from companies that don't share my values. I have said over and over I won't shop at Wallmart unless I'm in an area where there is no other store. I haven't been in that area yet. I have yet to walk into their doors. I don't agree with (a) the way they treat their employees and (b) the way they out price better quality stores so their competition can't stay in business. <br />
<br />
Did you ever see the show 'The Awful Truth' by Michael Moore? He had this one segment where (now this was a while ago) he rented out this gas station and called it Sadaam Gas. He made the price per gallon outrageously low, like 37¢ per gallon. People lined up around the block. When he explained to them the money was going directly to Sadaam Hussein, they didn't care. All they wanted to do was get in on the great deal. Isn't that sad? I'm sure some people left, though they only showed those that were ignorant about where their money would eventually end up.

This is why I am boycotting everything except small stores and restaurants. No big chains, nothing. They are not getting my money ever again....even if I end up a billionaire. I just won't support these companies that send all the jobs overseas. I am thinking of dumping Verizon for this reason. I think we have to form a sub-economy and only buy from each other. Not sure how to organize all 16 million unemployed, but you need to support businesses started by the unemployed. And I friggin hate all HR people. HATE them. They aren't doing anybody any good. For the last 15 years I told people shopping at Walmart was bad. But nobody pays any attention. They love it because it is cheap. And now we are totallt F'ed!!! I want to smack people in the face who tell me the economy will get better because it won't. I just hate EVERYONE right now.

Yes, I've had the same experience. What's really scary is that there's more people looking for work than jobs. I wonder if that has something to do with the overpopulation problem. The types of jobs that are hiring aren't those with my skills, I just can't become say, a nurse. Its just not me. I think no longer should students be told in high school to choose what they are passionate about, I think there should be a list of the types of jobs that need positions filled, like nursing and then students would choose out of those which would be best for them. <br />
<br />
Thanks for your support, I really appreciate it.

You're not a failure, it's just the economy. There are so many of us out of work that hiring managers can be more selective on who they will hire. I have a degree and years of experience in information technology and running into the same thing. I have applied for jobs where I had ALL the minimum requirements and did not even get a response from the recruiter. I have applied for over 100 jobs and only 2 interviews. I have a friend applying for a fire fighters job and for the 2 open positions, there were 300 applications filed where every one was qualified. I wish employers would give priority to the unemployed job seekers over an employed person looking for a new job. It does not seem fair to loose out to someone that already has a job because they had a little more experience than me.

Thank you destiney24, that's very true. I'll check it out tulick.

its sad but true you should read my story in i don't tolerate bullshit- see if aany of it sounds familiar <br />
<br />
you also might like my storys in i don't want to hear the excuses anymore and my countter point in i can't stand people who have a raging sense of entitlement i would be interested in what you think

Thank You. I need to hear that :o)

well i'm not willing or able to learn to do everything yet with my degree and training a basic job is out of the question <br />
<br />
your not alone