So, I'm scared of love. I've always dreamt about it, making fantasies in my head and dreams. The perfect scenarios, what we'd do during the day. If we traveled, where we would go. I always have these pictures in my mind. But I'm to scared to get close to a guy, it just frightens me. The thought that he could hurt me at anything. It bothers me, and drives me away from being in the relationship. I try my best to stay close with my crush, I can flirt and such but I just find it scary to even get my first kiss, I tell people I don't like hugs or anything. But I absoultely love long cuddles. Guys anymore are judgemental and want a picture perfect girl, I'm the complete opposite, I'd rather have some quirks and get rid of some guys. I wouldn't want to be a model type girl and have guys left from right. But it'd be nice for acouple guys to find me attractive..
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i am 18 and love to cuddle and to be held and trying to find someone to love and to love me back

Just give certain guys a chance with you by starting in a friendship with them, then either he will or you can take it up to the next level and go out on a date. If it goes well do it again, but if doesn't just stay friends. heck i know several of my friends have done that and it work for them.

Ive never had a girlfriend before but I can tell you this. Take a chance. Sure some guys can be real ******** and hurt you but some guys have a heart and can give you the love and support you need. You won't know for sure unless you just go for it.

I understand, but guys anymore, are just judgemental, cruel, and/or druggies and complete idiots. Intelligence, doesn't have to be a star point. But guys who smoke, or drink. Is just intolerablein my book. And that's all you find anymore. Boys as for pictures with no clothes on, men ask for pictures with no makeup on. 90% of the world is a 'boy' .