~ With My Own Imperfections ~

~ I am old fashioned, have been told I was born in the wrong decade, am loving, sincere, honest, gentle, sensitive, & obese.  I still live with my mom, she's my world. I've never married, although I want to, that's all I want actually. To grow old with someone, we can spend our lives together, annoying one another & giving each other grey hair. Mahahahaha!! ~

~ I also can be, depressive, selfish, annoying, bitchy, & tend to carry a lot of baggage around. The plus side, I hate shopping (most of the time), so I won't go through your money like crazy. lol. I don't drink, so if you take me to a bar, I'll probably be the cheapest date you ever have. I can be the sober driver...... Once I get my license...Mahahahaha! ~

~ I am pretty, & I'm starting to believe that. I can be a small child at times needing assurances, hugs, & a shoulder to lean on. I can also be the shoulder you need to lean on. I am a born caregiver & lover. I don't like to fight, & please don't call me "mother". I will SMACK you for it. lol ~

~ I am a great friend & hope you might take a chance or two. Get to know the wonderous person that is me.......... If you aren't sure just ask some of my circle..... I'm sure they all love me to death! LMAO....Why wouldn't they? I'm GREAT!!! ~

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Mar 14, 2009