Good Thing Or Bad Thing?

I've often found myself in this position of 'just a phase you're going through'  doesn't matter how long the night, a few weeks, several months.  it always ends and i am yet just a phase you went though while you were searching, seeking....answers?  a phase to where there were only questions in your mind and i was there to help you not think about them, helped take your mind off of things..."a breath of fresh air" if you please....satisfying all your needs for the time being.

doesn't matter male or female, relationship or friendship...i've been through it all.  maybe "i" change things??  maybe it's the Gemini in me that just has to move on?  maybe not.  maybe both.  maybe it's changed despite my wanting things to keep on being the way they are.  i don't know.  doesn't really matter.  i'm just a phase.  a fond memory of times past.....a "remember when" conversation.

not really sure where i'm going with this story, but i just had this feeling of being a phase....kind of like a power source maybe....they come, get what they need (whatever that may be, sexual or not), and move on--refreshed, recharged, on into a different direction to where i can not go.  so i'm left drained and waiting...waiting for what idk...someone else to come along who needs what i have to offer i guess (again, mostly non-sexual).  it's like i go through phases of being a phase...idk...i dont' think i'm making sense anymore, so i'm just gonna end this story now.

KinkyFlower KinkyFlower
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2 Responses Mar 3, 2009

reading this again still makes as much sense and rings just as true. especially for the past two years....just a phase you're going through. glad i could help you get over it and move on...with someone else. that hurt.

thanks JJ *hugs* can't wait to meet you either!!