My Story

Before i tell you anything, i must say i am still pretty young. i am the youngest you can be on this site, actually. so don't judge.
When i was in preschool-3rd grade, i was fairly popular. i was, however, unknowingly and honestly only found that out a couple years ago. (side note; don't judge people... you don't know what their lives are like) During this time, i was in a clique where a girl had to be excluded once a week for the others to get along. I moved in the 4th grade and was transferred to an elementary school close to my house. it was the first time in my life i was truly and honestly alone. I made a friend, and we both played the same game on the internet. I was happy.
Then everything changed, again. The school was overflowed with students, and i was transferred again. I was transferred to the oldest school in my area. I was, once again, alone. I met a girl whom has been my friend ever since. (i'll call her "A" for privacy reasons) Our friendship was sketchy in the beginning because she always walked around and talked to random people. This is also the year i was diagnosed with adhd. i have had to take medication ever since.
The next year (5th grade), a girl (who i will call "B" for all the same reasons) moved to the school. she was very shy and the principal made her become friends with A. i liked B. she was fun to be around and, because she didn't talk much, i could make her say "cookie starts with K" and "monkey." "C" also moved here this year. we all became a great group of dorky friends.
The next year, 6th, C began to break away and become friends with others. D moved here this year. to this day, i absolutely with all my heart HATE her. you can say hate is a big word. that's why i'm using it. she pretended to be my friend. she got close to me. she told me her secrets and i told her mine. and she back-stabbed me. I'm holding myself back from details, but she mad me hate her so much (and yes, i am a violent, disturbed person) that i came up with a long, creepy, extremely disturbing way to kill her. of coarse, i would never do suck a thing, but it was a way of dealing with my anger. wanna know what she did? she told my friends i was weird, told them i was a freak who was bullying her, told them to STOP HANGING OUT WITH ME. They believed her and did what she said. I didn't know this until the end of the year, but during our trip to science camp, i was completely alone. i actually had a message from the troll of a red head that said she lost my number and THAT was why we couldn't be friends. My mom printed it out and took it to the principal. he brought us into the office. first was A and B. all i know is that when i came in, it sounded like a Dr. Phil or Oprah show b/c there was so much crying. I don't blame them. the principal wasn't mad or yelling at them, but using logic to guilt trip them. I walk in and he explains to me what he told them. he basically used a demonstration with a key (which was me), a paperclip (which was A), an eraser (was B), and a post-it-note stack (D. D stands for devil). he showed how i was with A and B, and then D comes in. D takes them away from me, and I'm all alone. I stood my ground and nodded. i wasn't going to cry. He asked me if i wanted D to come in. i nodded yet again. D comes in, her fat jiggling and red hair messy. (side note: i call her a lepretroll because she is short like a leprechaun with rash red hair and puke green eyes, and she is fat and ugly like a troll. a stare at her pictures and tell them to crawl under a bridge.) she sees me, stiff and serious, and A and B, still weeping. The principal told her to sit down. she did. he showed her the demonstration and she, too started crying. the principal had to walk out to handle something and i told them about me thinking it was like Dr. Phil. we all laughed. The issue was resolved that day. graduation came soon after, and i had a party at my house. D was the last one to leave. I didn't go on facebook much b/c of that message. she ruined it for me. it wasn't until the next year that i noticed she un-friended me. I asked B to ask her why and D's reply was that i had called her fat in front of her crush during the school year and she even had the guts to tell B not to trust anything i say. D could die and i could care less. she could suffer from diseases beyond comprehension and i couldn't care less. she is dead to me.
Next year, 7th grade, i was a complete loner. no friends in my class. got back-stabbed a few times, did group work by myself. whatever.
This year, i made a really good friend. I'll call her S. (S is my favorite letter in the alphabet) We understand each other and aren't afraid to be ourselves. she is my bestie for life.


Other Info:
-C moved and currently goes to another school. we have a long-distance friendship
-A and B are still my friends, though B is so popular that i rarely ever see her anymore.
-D is the devil in it's purest form. she will suffer in the afterlife. you know where scum like her go.
-S is my bestie
-there are many other people i didn't mention for the fact that this is already too long. lol.
-i love my friends and can't wait for more to come
~thank you for those that read all the way through. i'm happy i had the opportunity to share this with you~
p.s. if you have questions, don't be afraid to comment. i will try my best to get back to you. ^.^
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13-15, F
Dec 16, 2012