The Pool

I've dived in, not slowly scooting to get used to the water, just dove, to the bottom, where I sit.... sit waiting, for another, to rescue me or at least listen... listen to my pain, help me, fix me... make it go away. I'm still sitting, my heart is pounding, I hear, faintly, the sounds of the world still moving on, without me, as it should be. My hands are pale, weak, floating around me... it's so peaceful, calm, no worries, no pain, no air. The pounding heart has increased, my lungs burn, I'm almost there... my hands now blue, light blue, like the water but deeper in color... faintly I hear the sirens, getting near, they were called out of fear... fear that my mind would change, fear that I am not yet ready to go, fear that no one would find me, sitting, at the bottom of my pool... in time.... Limp now, the pressure, in my chest, is no longer, the monsters, in my head, have gone, I'm free, floating, slowly, to the top... blue.

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Keep your meditations going as mental dives into the ovean of you. You can come up for and breath in a new realization each time about life and the great feeling of <br />
respiration. <br />
<br />

that was quite a meditation, SP. I think nature is going your way!!!! And, DU, right on.

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Hey...I did it...scary yet to realize I've lost my shorts in the process...can you see the light???Its probably just my white *** blinding from above....You better be laughing.

If you pay close may come to realize...someone is there...listening...feeling..aware of everything is you...the most powerful life gaurd in your world...Save yourself and come swim with me...I'm the one above trying to do a back flip without cracking my skull..see you there.

I think, at this point, it's best to let nature take it course...

That is both beautiful and scary at the same time. I hope you can find someone to rescue you!!