Not So Special But Just As Hopeful.

I believe that my life is a culmination of different experiences already lived by everyone else. It's nothing new, nothing different, it's just that it's me.

I'm 21 years old. Soon to be 22 in a couple of days. And by just joing EP I realise all the different experiences there are in life and that I have had many in my short life.

I am an alcoholic, a child of ******, depressed, optimistic, addict, in debt, a law clerk, I choose a vespa over a car, I love nature, I get nervous and anxious, I can go on and on, but above all I am just me who is probably a lot like you. Knowing that, makes me feel a little bit better about the world.

People are just people. And I am just me.

msbogart msbogart
22-25, F
Feb 19, 2009