Life Is Quicksand

Let me tell you after all my years of being depressed I learned one thing.
This poem is meant for the people who are here, who are reading it, who needed it.

Life Is Quicksand
Life is quicksand
Your friends are your support system
They hold you up when you're feeling down

When I'm sinking in life's quicksand, I am alone
The more I struggle and fight
The further and further I sink

I'm drowning 
Because I am alone
There is no one to pull me out and save me

Friends are your support system in life
They lift you up when you're feeling down
They hold you up 

Friends are your defense in life
They protect you from hurt and sadness
They save you from yourself and loneliness

Friends are your happiness in life
They are warmth and comfort
They are passion and excitement

Life is quicksand
Your friends are your everything

Without real friends, it is hopeless

When I'm sinking in life's quicksand, I am alone. The more I struggle and fight to make my life better and pull myself out of depression, the more I sink, things get worse and worse in my life. I'm drowning in the hurt and loneliness of my own life.  Because I am alone. There is no one to help me, to save me and pull me out. Friends are your support system in life, they lift you up when you're feeling down, they protect you from hurt and sadness, they save you from yourself. Friends pull you up out of the quicksand and keep you from sinking. If you are hurting inside and falling further into depression, and none of your friends there to catch you, they are not your friends, you are alone. Do everything you can in your power to make new friends who have a passion and spark for life. These are the people who live to make life better for themselves and others, to fill the world with happiness. These are the people you need. These are real friends. Many people who are hurting in life surround themselves with other hurting people because they think that these people are the only ones who could understand their pain and help them heal. That is wrong. All this does is make the pit bigger, more and more depressed people sinking in more and more quick sand. Making new friends is awkward and uncomfortable and terribly difficult especially after being so isolated and unhappy for so long. And although making new friends is hard, it is your only choice in life. Not having friends who will care for you, bring light to your eyes, and fill your life with warmth and happiness, is not an option. Because without friends, you have no support system. You have no one to hold you up when you feel down. No one to protect you. You are alone. And sinking in life's quicksand. With no one pull you out.

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Jan 11, 2013