I Am Me.

when you wake up in the morning, do you put on a mask and be someone you are not? i dont.
can you honestly say to the world i am me. i wont be pushed aside forgotten. i will stand out and be unique. be me, myself no one else.
when i think i can tell myself i am who i am. i look at some people and you can see that they are just fake, trying to fit in with the crowds.
i aint like that. nope. i dont like attention, i like keeping to myself but at the same time, i know i stand out.
one day i want to wake up and say i changed the world. i am myself and that is enough.
i look in the mirror and i see me.
when you look in the mirror do you see who you are, or just a fake trying to be someone you are not?
thisaccountisgone thisaccountisgone
18-21, F
Sep 12, 2012