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Quit Being So Picky

 From looking at my pictures, you can tell I am not the most handsome guy in the world. Nose, hairline, etc. it suits who I am. My many username changes, and avatars, tell a very brief story. Not that I don't know who I am, but more a simple statement of where I am on my journey. I don't get many comments on my stories, and sometimes I do get frustrated. Yet, I have a great circle of friends. People who share the same things in common. Trying to keep abreast of things, though petty, may mean something to some people. So, I never forget where my true humility lies. Either accept that, or move on. For those that have hung in there, I say "thank you". Your light truly shines.

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We all have flaws so don't worry about those who judge...they're no better than us!'re fine just as you are and you don't need to change for anybody!*hugs*<br />
And keep on writing, love your stories....and thanks for the comments on my stories too, I do appreciate!: )

I soooooooooooo get you ... I treat everyone with the golden rule philosophy. For all the "bad" that is out there, the ones who are "good", keep my hope afloat. ( and that includes you hun ) xx~

I believe our "flaws" or "quirks" is what helps to define us as INDIVIDUALS ... otherwise, we'd all be the same ol' drone- and what fun is that? LOL hugs to you, my dear friend- your light shines on my path, and in my heart. T~ xxoo

This is a great post and echoes what many of us probably feel, at least I know it does for me. Being yourself, flaws and all is the only way to be! <br />
<br />
Thanks so much for sharing :)

You remind me of , not the crazy part (lol). I do want to say Thank You to you. I'll write stories and have no one who leaves a comment or even read it. And then along you come and you put a smile on my face. So Thanks for being there for me. I'm so glad this happens to be the story I checked out to get to know you better. Now I can say "I'm here too."<br />
A friend has talked about the same issue and ended the story saying the writing is for herself, being so therapeutic. There's a lot of truth in that for me too. I spent years in therapy and have found here on ep more healing than in therapy. So anyways, I'm glad were friends.

Hmmmm, I am very intrigued about your story and your position currently on your journey. Nevertheless I sense resilience, strength, and awareness; whatever you are doing, keep it up your making it!

Keep writing friend, I am listening :) And best of luck on your journey in life, we all do our best!