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hi  I'm Sabrina-Rose, I live in NW London and well, I just finally came out three months ago - and I'm here to say that it was nowhere near as bad as I feared it would be for years!
My mother is ok with it - she was shocked, as I had this pretend boyfriend for a few years and she imagined that was going somewhere - but he had started putting pressure on for us to live together and there's just no way!!  bad enough that I had to give him what he wanted every few days and fnd good reasons why I kept that to the barest minimum i could!  all so tiring having to think up excuses every few days! and I suppose that finally gave me the motivation to come out  -  that living together business, he had started on about 
My mother, well, she is ok with it - if it's what makes me happy, seems to be her philosophy  thankfully! - but I won't say she's over the moon about it, as I don't want to give the impression that it's all sweetness and light from my mother - but it is not anywhere near as bad as I feared 
My friends - I work as a beautician - and I've been having an affair with my boss there, she's older, 43 and runs several shops and well, she's helping me start up on my own too - and well, when I came out, I had imagined none of my friends knew anything about it, as I thought it was a secret affair - but they just said 'we knew for a long time you and the boss were doing it'  -  and I was like 'WHAT??!  How??'  but it desn't matter because they all just didn't care and are completely cool about it!
So! i wish now I had done this a long time ago - it really has not been the horror story I feared it would be! 
i know it is difficult for a lot of women to come out but I hope my experience helps anyone who is struggling to come out - as I was struggling myself for a long time 
Hope this helps!  xxxx   

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Wow, this sounds very familiar to how my friends and family handled my coming out of the closet. My folks were shocked but they have been very supportive and half of my friends kind of knew. I think the fear of coming out is worse than the result. At least we can all stop worrying about imaginary boyfriends and pretending :).

I think if you follow your nature , I mean birthright will be better for you . live your life naturally . Dont let certain ideas to controll your mind and destroy your faith , selfesteem , success and character .I,ll ask you a very important question ? Have you ever seen gay animals or lesbian ? so this idea is created by humanbeings it is not our nature . sometimes somepeople destroy themselves by their ways of thinking or reaction towards sertain events . I advice you to be strong , beleive in your abilities , strength , faith and God will cure you from this illness .

my mum was relieved when i told her i was gay. she said she wouldnt have to worry about guys pushing me around and she even admitted to bisexual experiences herself! even tho shes totally straight and has a boyfriend, she doesnt like men very much