It's Your World

I have made up my mind guys. i know i have been going back and forth with this.

And truly appreciate everyones attention i have made some great friends.

and at some point this story will no longer exist.

Today  well i am hoping it is today or I will keep coming back on here. lol

Today I actually went through with it and I deleted my account.

Let me tell why I decided to delte the account, some of you guys might? might ? have some good memeories about me and some of you well not so good.

Regardless I figured that if you don't see me you don't miss me. lol

Like my friend LW on here said everyone in the universe at some point will go away.


Thank You ladies and gents, it has been a fantastic ride here.

And don't blame me for EP being slow on deletions the first thing out of their mouth is we are a small group. lol

see yea when i see yea.


51-55, M
8 Responses Feb 23, 2010

thank you LV, coming from you it means a lot to me.

I will miss you, I wish you all the happiness in the world.<br />
<br />
I hope you come back one day.<br />
<br />
If not, know I'll miss you, and honored your friendship.<br />
<br />
lots of love

i consider all of you my family, but there comes atime whae we have to make certain decisions.and that time has come for me.<br />
believe me it is very hard for me, you have no idea how much i struggled with this. <br />
my heart aches at the thought of losing all of you.

Omg...PTMAN! I wish I hadn't had such a busy day today now! Shush! I will miss you terribly! You are like family to me!.......=(

I will miss you around here too PT....:(


Excuse my french but this is bullsh*t'd better not leave!!

That's sad to hear PTMAN. I am sure you have your reasons. I will miss seeing you around.