An Average Day

This may seem a little boring to the majority of you, but hey! I have the freedom to post here!
For some reason, I have thought of posting my 'average day' as best as I can remember it, so to speak, as of course, things vary day to day.

I am usually woken at 7AM by my Step-mum usually, but sometimes my Dad does it. I usually lie in bed, and I am not very eager to go to school, as any teenage boy is not. So, that subsequently means I get up and go downstairs at about 7:20-7:25. A bowl, cereal and milk is usually kindly set out by my Step-mum. I eat my breakfast, and then I go into the bathroom in order to wash my face, brush my teeth, etc. I also usually throw some water over my hair and comb and blow-dry it to make it look half-decent for school.
I then get my backpack and school uniform on and head out the door to the car after collecting my lunch. I usually have to wait a few minutes for my brother, who takes longer than me to get ready. On the journey, my Step-mum usually has Smooth Radio on, and I listen to some old songs that I quite enjoy, and I think about school things - as one does on the way to school.
When I turn up at the school gates, that is when I usually get anxious and paranoid. My body usually starts to shiver a little, even when it is not cold, and I try to find a few 'friends' who I can talk to, so I don't look alone. So, anyway, I usually talk to my friend near my form class for a little while about whatever. But, all the time, my mind is fixed on this boy I don't hate but... I rather dislike, as you will come to find out. When he comes past me, or near the form class where I am, I instantly try to play it cool, but my mind starts to race and I think of what he will do to me today. When we are finally in the class, I sit and try to play cool, but a lot of the time he will have already started calling me names and hitting me, so I do my best to ignore him and try to get on with it. I sometimes manage to strike a casual conversation with him, but it usually end up drifting of to him talking about what he did with my mum last night, or what kind of drugs or other **** I don't care about that he did, but I just listen anyway to try and avoid trouble. Then, I go to my first lesson. The first lesson is usually easy, and I try to focus and just get on with my work as normal. After this, we have break time, for 20 minutes. During this break, me and one or two friends go to a small area we hang out at. This area usually gets cramped up with all the ******** who we don't like, but I just try to ignore them and talk to my friends. After this, I do two more lessons, which are usually quite straight-forward, as lessons go. Then, we have lunch, and I return to the same area to hang out with my small group of friends. There's about 5 of us who go there, and at lunch time, 90% of the ******** are gone, just leaving a bunch of us there. This means we can have a lot more space, and so I eat my packed lunch and just talk about crap. Then, we have two more lessons, which are usually more relaxed and easy-going toward the end of the day. Most days, the car will be waiting again to pick me up, usually my Step-mum but on the odd occasion my Dad will come. So, we drive home, and I sometimes put some music in with my earphones; Metal and Rock are the general taste for me.
When I get home, one of the first things I will do is play with my dog for a while. She is a very cute black Labrador that loves attention, and she never goes without it. Then, I will go take off my things, and go up to my room for some quiet time here on my beloved computer. The rest of the night usually consists of playing games, talking to people online (maybe sometimes a friend I know in real life, and we will play a game together).

Well, I have no idea why I wanted to share that, but hey, I did. Haters gonna hate.
Vulkara Vulkara
18-21, M
Jan 19, 2013