peaceful spot

i am concern about alot of things.the way people talk to me,how they even eat when i am around. maybe i feel they do what they do cos i am around.there is something worry cos they happen to be unfriendly and naughty.i feel i make them act how they do.

is just today after a serious event the day before that i realised it time i find that spot where nothing should be a big deal.
i almost broke up with my boyfriend ,i like the way he touchs me,how we talk when we talk,how we laugh ,how he thinks am special and all that .
and after all these i was so concern how i have to wait for him when we have a date cos he is working,and how he come visiting later than the time he siad cos he is from work.
so what if these are all bad sign for a relationship as young as 3months what if it does not matter .

today i find that spot where i chose nothing to be a big deal and live. if we should be,it will happen and if my place is with other so it will be. and just maybe and a good maybe everything will turn out fine.all wrongs would be fine and i will have found and establish my peaceful spot and will be there no matter what and everything would be sooooooooooooooooooooooo well.and i should say all is well.
candylovecandy candylovecandy
22-25, F
May 22, 2012