Me And Mirror

Me- I look good today:) My hair is so soft and shiny:) My eyes look pretty and bright!
Mirror- Ew, please step away! I cant stand your ugliness anymore!
Me- Im not ugly, stop that. Im pretty*smiles*
Mirror- No, gross dont smile! Do you want me to crack?! Youre not pretty, your not even cute! Ive seen dog shlt tht looks better than you!
Me- How can you be so mean! Im feeling good about myself, dont ruin it!
Mirror- Haha, you, feeling good about yourself?! Hahahaha thats funny! How can you feel good about yourself? Your ugly, your face is fat, your thighs are hiddious, your eyes are wierd, your stomic and arms are all fat, your whole body is fat! Your hair looks disgusting, mean have you ever seen another person with your hair color? Nope!
Me- Shut up just shut up! Its not true! Stop it!
Mirror- Oh, im not done yet honey. How can you think your pretty with those scars? No one is gonna want you with them! Who is going to look at them and still think your beautiful? Your scars are disgusting, just like you! No one likes you Hannah, those other girls are beautiful, youll never look like that! Your never gonna be skinny enough, pretty enough, nice enough, funny enough, nothing!
Me- No, none of it is true! Why do you have to do this!? Im pretty, im not fat or ugly. I am good enough!
Mirror- Hannah, honey no one likes you. Everyone pretends to like you. They look at you because they never have seen someone so ugly. Stop thinking these things that arent true! I see you everyday, i know what is true, just listen to me. Im stuck with your ugly a$$ every minute! Im suprised i havnt commited mirror suicide yet!
Me-*cries and pulls at my hair* Your right, your always right! Im not good enough, ill never be..Im ugly and fat, no one would ever want me. They all pretend and lie.. Im ugly, ill never be pretty or beautiful..
Mirror- Thats right honey, i wouldnt tell you false things. On the bright side, your not going to homecoming! And to think that guy wanted to go with you, be stuck with your ugliness all night! Ha! You did the right thing and turned him down.
Me-....I had to..I couldnt let him get shlt for going with me..Everyone would make un of him because i was his date, i couldnt let that happen...I had to do whats best for him..
Mirror- You didnt wanna go anyways! Dont feel so down!
Me- I did want to go, but i cant. Something always happens there, and this year its getting worse so im taking anymore chances.
Mirror- Well on the bright side it would be dark so no one could see your fat ugly a$$!
Me- *cries and throws a hairbrush at you* Stop it!! Ive heard enough, just stop! Ill never be good enough or pretty enough! I get it! Just stop! I cant take it anymore! *picks up the shattered glass and throws it away*
Mirror- You broke me! Your ugly bit:h!
Me- I didnt break you, i saved you..Now you wont be stuck my reflection anymore..*goes to sleep*
Mirror-*laughs and whispers* If you only believed your beautiful and skinny enough. Just keep believeing the fasle things honey, ill be back.
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3 Responses Sep 9, 2012

Love this!

i love that you wrote this. this is how i feel almost everyday

well this is basically me everytime i have too look in a mirror.......