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soo its another boring day...i cant go anywhere yet cuz my poor lil' car has some im chillin' in my pj's watching some chobits (which is pretty good)...lalala so im waiting for my hunnie to come home and fix my car up so then i can go to work for a very lame 4.5 hours...frigin O well getting a second job soon anyway...THEN I WILL BE RICH! *_* or just better off than i am now :P yup...

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4 Responses Mar 26, 2009

yeah i wasnt a fan of then end ethier, but still cute! :)

wehehh.. i luv that story.. :] <br />
tho i don't remember most anymore.. <br />
still ..good choice.. <br />
<br />
i hate the ending.. ;p

you got it! ^_^

chobits?!.. the robo girl?!>.